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All prices include GST. Fitting and balancing $15. Price does NOT include shipping/postage.

Dimensions Description Price Select/Qty
145/70R12Maxxis UN99979.00
155/65R13New Car Tyre58.00
165/65R13New Car Tyre62.00
165/70R13budget Tyre 54.00
175/70R13Budget Tyre 52.00
175/65R14New Car Tyre68.00
185/65R14New Car Tyre76.00
185/60R14New Car Tyre75.00
185/70R14super low Budget Tyre58.00
175/65R14Budget Tyre 63.00
185/60R15New Car Tyre90.00
195/60R14New Car Tyre85.00
195/60R15New Car Tyre89.00
205/60R15New Car Tyre95.00
225/75R15MA1 White Wall187.00
205/65R15Budget Tyre 63.00
195/50R15Budget Tyre 83.00
185/65R15New Car Tyre87.00
195/65R15New Car Tyre82.00
205/60R16New Car Tyre105.00
215/60R16New Car Tyre108.00
225/60R16New Car Tyre129.00
215/60R16Budget Tyre105.00
225/50R16Budget Tyre 105.00
235/75R15MA1 White Wall193.00